Letter: Salmon recovery meaningless



Salmon recoveries are failing because our priorities are set by aggression. When returning fish in our rivers are funneled to a net or a hatchery they die before spawning and future existence ends. Recovery and extinction show our losses when harvest is the prioritized selection in a tragic shell game. For years we have waited for a win. So far no one has stopped what is really harming salmon.

Now catches other than in a net take a tremendous effort of logistics. So many say very little is left of good fishing — I invite you for a long conversation over your favorite beverage. Better it was years ago and it was my love but the romance ended. The band was pleasant but then was replaced by a circus that got turned into a zoo that was not comforting. Salmon fishing used to be fun but then a man-structured evolution became seriously entrenched. I do not fish now with the low numbers so I write instead on how such a pathetic journey that went too far needs exposure.

Salmon were not lost; they were taken and so are we.

Larry R. Carey