Letter: When you vote, consider this …



Columnist David Limbaugh wrote, “Obama’s record has been horrendous in every category — economic, debt, national security, military strength, energy dependence, social cohesiveness, religious liberty, race relations, health care and business. America is significantly worse off than it was when Obama took office.”

The problem is not just with President Obama, although he shares a large part of the blame. It is also with those who are part and parcel of his political party. They have run America into the societal sewer and into an economic Armageddon with the help of self-serving sycophants. The trashing of America does not matter as long as they retain power. It’s a “Let them eat cake” kind of attitude. Children do not matter, senior citizens do not matter, and society as a whole does not matter. All that matters is Democrat coffers and continuing the big lie of governmental dependency.

During Kennedy’s administration, 28 percent of our federal spending went to social programs, but now it is 70 percent. The hard truth is: America is broke economically, socially, and morally. When we truly no longer care about what we leave behind for future generations we have become a nation of selfishness instead of selflessness.

Remember this when you vote.

Lee Hemen