Weather Eye: Enjoy sunshine, because rain will return this week




Finally it appears our weather pattern is changing to be more fall-like by the end of the week. A series of weather systems out of the Gulf of Alaska will move through with various strengths but all bringing some much-needed rain.

The heaviest amounts will be over the Olympics and North Cascades with several inches of rain from Friday through Monday of next week. We could even see some snow at the higher Cascade peaks as time wears on. This will be a blessing for firefighters and just the normal nuisance for others. Just remember when it first starts raining the streets will be very slippery.

Lots of frost the past couple of days as reported from observers around the county. I had light frost on the grass and rooftops here in Salmon Creek but of course I didn’t have those gusty east winds all night either. The windy areas over the weekend stayed some 20 degrees warmer.

Weather observer Jim Knoll of Orchards sent me this Monday afternoon: “I recorded my first freezing temp this morning (Oct. 8) with a low of 32 degrees beating my old record low of 36 degrees. Saturday and Sunday both bottomed out at 34 degrees. My high Sunday was 79 degrees which disappointed me as I was really hoping for an 80. It tied my record high for the 7th but being my birthday I wanted to get the record high to 80. The water year ending September 30 was 48.54 inches which is one inch above my 17-year average. I’ve been enjoying this dry weather and it has let me get my house painted which I’ve been slowly working on since the end of August. I have a feeling this fall will have lots of fog and dry weather which will be different than the last few years.”

The fall may end up drier than average but at least we get to have some rainwater rinse out the old rain gauge very soon.

Meanwhile enjoy the fleeting sunshine this week!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at Weather Systems.