Letter: Women must make wise choices



There is a lot of talk about a woman’s right to choose. This is a good thing, depending upon one’s definition. Fact: Roe v. Wade will never be struck down — Planned Parenthood will see to that since the law generates large amounts of money for them. The usual definition of a woman’s right is: to have sex with whomever, whenever, however one chooses, and if there is a “mistake,” then to have it removed. No one tells you that every sex partner and every abortion will always bring memories.

A better definition of the right to choose is: to choose to have sex only with someone who is worth it and will respect you in the morning, to care wisely for your body and keep it healthy (no STDs), to consider your body special and not a toy. Then you can wake up in the morning without regrets or painful memories.

Beverly Hohman