C-Tran’s Proposition 1 featured in online chat



A ballot measure that would increase the sales tax to pay for light rail maintenance and operations and bus rapid transit in Vancouver will be the topic of a live chat at noon on Thursday on The Columbian’s website.

Former Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard will share why he supports the measure, while Kelly Parker, president of the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, will discuss the opposition to the measure. They also will take reader questions during the chat.

C-Tran spokesman Scott Patterson will be on hand to answer any technical questions about Proposition 1, which would increase sales tax in the C-Tran district by 0.1 percentage point. That’s an extra penny on every $10 purchase.

The live chat is expected to last about an hour. Readers can participate by going to Columbian Live Chats and add their questions and comments.

The Columbian will screen reader questions so officials have the chance to address a range of topics related to Proposition 1.