Letter: Military voters need extra time



Weeks ago on a local radio station, the subject of our military men and women getting absentee ballots within a 45-day period was being debated and everyone thought that was ample time to get their ballots and mail them back. Anyone who has been in the military serving overseas or on a ship or with other mobile forces will tell you that 45 days is not enough.

When I was in the Navy, we sometimes did not get mail for over a month because of operational commitments. I have a friend in the Marines who still hasn’t received his ballot and is deployed. Our military men and women deserve the courtesy of getting their ballots on time so they can vote, especially in a presidential election. The time is long overdue for our military men and women to get top priority in getting a ballot in a timely manner, otherwise we are denying them a right for which they are fighting.

Bob Sabol

Battle Ground