Demobilization under way on Mount Adams fire



TROUT LAKE — Demobilization of fire fighting crews continues at the Cascade Creek Fire on Mount Adams, the Gifford Pinchot National Forest reported Thursday.

Total personnel assigned to the month-long fire is down to 193. There was not significant growth in acreage on Wednesday, which is at 20,296.

The fire has scattered smoke and smoldering ground fires and there is an uncontrolled edge in the west and north of the area.

Containment remains at 75 percent.

Mount Adams Wilderness remains closed along with national forest lands was of roads Nos. 23 and 2329.

South Point Fire — Crews completed a 150-acre burnout on Wednesday along road No. 2115 to contain the fire’s spread.

After the burning, the fire is about 450 acres.

Road No. 21 is scheduled to open today although road No. 2115 will remain closed.