Letter: Modernize education system



Considerable change needs to be made if American public education is to be improved significantly. The thought of a school-age child sitting at a computer all day bereft of socializing is mind-blowing. However, because a computer is accessible as long as needed and can feature incremental learning, its possible roles in education must continue to be explored, particularly for ways that benefit students performing below grade level.

Something that needs to be done away with is for America’s schools to stop their centuries-old practice of presenting the day’s new subject matter to the students as a surprise. This ignores the fact that students learn best when functioning as participants rather than as receptors. However, the public school system is not yet prepared for peak verbal interaction between teacher and students. Still to be developed is material students would need to read in order to be prepared for the next day’s discussion.

Also, prime teaching skills should be a priority. Anyone can recognize good teaching but of considerably greater value would be the ability of an administrator (properly prepared and motivated) to develop a relationship and program with a teacher that would lead to improved teaching.

Gene Dombrowski