Letter: Too many people claim entitlements



Horace Durfey is wrong in his Oct. 2 letter, “Romney wrong on entitlements.” Mitt Romney is not referring to people like Durfey, who worked for years and paid taxes. Romney is referring to a large segment of our society whose members have never engaged in gainful employment for any length of time, do not pay income taxes at all and avail themselves of every entitlement that exists.

Romney is also talking about the people who work under the table. These individuals do not pay income tax, they lie about their income and they too avail themselves of every available entitlement program.

Romney is talking about people who have no physical impairment, but through choices of their own, they have impacted their mental abilities and are now deemed eligible for Social Security and other entitlements. The list goes on and on.

I, like Romney, believe that Social Security and Medicare are necessary safety nets for our elderly and those suffering from disabling illness. We need to help those people, but I also believe that work gives people a sense of purpose and self worth. We are actually cheating people of their potential by allowing them to “mooch” off our society.

Kim Rich