Letter: Leading from behind will not work



Here we go again with the current administration foisting another cover-up on the American public, aided and abetted by our media, regarding the recent “Benghazi-Gate.” We’ve endured a litany of mixed messages from our secretary of state, our UN ambassador and the president’s press secretary about what occurred on Sept. 11 in Libya. Now, the office of the director of National Intelligence has acknowledged our consulate came under “a deliberate and organized terrorist attack,” resulting in the deaths of four Americans. Why didn’t these men have proper protection in such a volatile country? Are they one of the “times where we bump up against … these countries,” later referenced by our president in regards to events in the Middle East?

Adding further insult to this incident was our president flying off to Las Vegas to campaign and making visits to the “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” while the Middle East erupts. He can appear on ABC’s “The View,” but refused to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during this critical time. Is anyone at home in our White House?

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said it best: The United States “cannot lead from behind.” It doesn’t work.

Cathy Treadwell-Nelson