Letter: Balance of opinions appreciated



When I hear anyone whining that The Columbian skews reporting I always challenge, citing its balanced approach. The Oct. 5 letter selection is an all-time perfect example.

In his letter, “Consider self-preservation in voting,” Bill Kelley urges workers to “stop voting against your interests.” The letter is a textbook example of what’s wrong with our United States today; should be required study for high school and college students wherein it can be dissected sentence by sentence for a debate between short-term current tendencies of self-entitlements (horrible word) vs. long-term best for the USA and our kin.

This “best for me” concept is nicely balanced by Darrel Wilholt’s letter, “Elect those who will restore legacy,” urging us to return to our constitutional legacy of freedom and enterprise. The Founders pledged their lives and their fortunes to obtain these goals. This is a pure example of unselfish long-term thinking and planning.

Risking life and fortune vs. protect one’s personal interest — what a contrast of concepts.

The Columbian, balanced reporting? Bravo Zulu!

Paul Noel