Letter: Reject gay marriage referendum



Remembering the basics about Referendum 74 is as simple as ABC.

All the rights of civil unions are presently afforded to same-sex couples. They have full legal equality. Voters passed the “everything but marriage” bill in 2009. Redefining marriage for everyone will add no additional rights.

Because children do best in a loving home with a mother and a father as models, disrupting that balance denies children the necessary environment for healthy emotional growth. The documented studies are out there. Children should not have to be denied because of the selfish wishes of a few adults.

Consequences of redefining marriage are huge. Unless business, religious and nonprofit groups accommodate and recognize same-sex marriage, it could be treated as discrimination. Because of religious beliefs, groups in Boston and Washington, D.C., where same-sex marriage has been adopted, have had to close their charitable adoption agencies. Wedding professionals have been fined. Innkeepers in Vermont and Illinois are being sued.

Remember your ABCs. Vote to reject Ref. 74.

Sue Parry