Letter: Beware if Romney wins presidency



In response to the Oct. 14 Columbian editorial, “Romney for president,” in my view it is “Beware of Romney for president.” The U.S. economy will not be repaired by Romney. The Columbian is, in this latest opinion, being short-sighted and has closed its eyes and ears to what Romney has done to companies that he has taken over. Like a vulture, he preys on companies, runs them into the ground and sends their bones to foreign countries. Romney understands the economy for the benefit of himself and the thin upper crust of money hogs, not the shrinking middle class or the ever-growing lower class.

President Obama has presided over a massive debt and out-of-control spending that was left by his predecessors. Logjams are not just the responsibility of one person. The American public are also responsible. Too few of us vote, and when we do vote, do we really vote wisely? Americans need to educate themselves before they vote. Too many Americans are under-educated — and who’s fault is that? It is ours — we do not support the schools enough. Pick up a book, a Kindle, a newspaper or read something on the computer other than just Facebook. Read a voters’ pamphlet. Then go out and vote and make a real difference.

Aletha Criss

Battle Ground