Letter: Romney is wise choice for economy



Oh, the bleating and gnashing of teeth, calls of ignorance and traitorous partisan behavior, threats to cancel subscriptions, nasty calls and colorful letters wrapped together in a neat package of incessant name-calling and rebukes. This is what I expect after The Columbian’s endorsement of Mitt Romney for president.

Every candidate has warts; some happen to have more warts than others. Many unanswered questions on both sides will not be satisfied prior to the showdown in November.

Here is my personal tiebreaker: Both of the presidential candidates have questionable behavior in their pasts, as well as smoke and mirror episodes. For the past four years, I have already lived and experienced what President Barack Obama can accomplish with his ideas of governance. There are dire predictions of what Romney will achieve if I listen to his oppositions predictions of gloom and doom. We need a leader who understands how an economy functions and thrives, benefiting all Americans.

I congratulate The Columbian on a wise decision. It is time to give an economics superstar the opportunity to put this country and our futures back into an economic state of growth with rising profits and full employment.

Ben A. DeLozier