Talking Points: Show us the fans on the field




We cannot stand it when the TV folks deny showing their viewers the idiot who runs on to the field and disrupts a game.

The TV people tell us the policy is to discourage people from running onto the field. The TV people figure more yahoos would do it if they knew they would be on TV.

Well, it looks like the fools who run on the field are figuring out ways to get on TV.

In Europe on Saturday, a fan got on the field and smacked a goalkeeper in the head with both hands.

And in the U.S., a fan in the Miami-Florida State game ran on the field in the middle of a play.

Does not matter what the TV folks say, people who want their 15 minutes of fame will figure out a way. Although, we can always hope for a Mike Curtis. In 1971, the Baltimore Colts linebacker leveled a fan who ran on the field. That would be worth showing.


It is difficult to believe the Oregon Ducks have played in a BCS championship game. After all, their fans seem to have no knowledge of the process.

They got their feathers ruffled because their team was ranked third in the initial BCS standings this season. Apparently they have forgotten that the initial standings do not mean a thing.

The two teams ahead of them in the rankings cannot possibly stay undefeated throughout the season. Alabama and Florida will either play each other in the SEC title game or one or both will lose before then. So if the Ducks remain unbeaten, surely they will move ahead of either Alabama or Florida.

Of course, there are some Duck fans who think Alabama and Florida both will stay ahead of the Ducks in the BCS standings, even with one loss. It’s an SEC paranoid thing, we guess.

We’re tired of the Ducks whining for no reason. So we are going to root for that exact scenario: An undefeated Oregon team not going to the BCS championship game. That would be epic, to see a legion of crybabies actually have a reason to cry.