Letter: Uncomfortable with Biden’s disdain



In typical Columbian fashion, the Oct. 12 issue featured a Washington Post commentary/opinion analysis by Dan Zak, “Moderator Raddatz has strongest showing,” on the front page regarding the vice-presidential debate. Apparently The Columbian placed this opinion on the front page to reach more viewers. The take-away gist of it was that Joe Biden showed that he would be perfectly comfortable as president with both feet on the floor and referred to Paul Ryan as a “boy” debating against a man, meaning Biden.

Biden, Zak said, was more aggressive, which was true on the face of it. Biden, I believe, was attempting to make up for President Obama’s dismal performance in his first debate.

In doing so, however, I believe Biden showed obsessiveness in his disdainful smirks and laughing during Ryan’s discussion to say nothing of his repeated interruptions.

Chris Wallace, whose opinions are not conservative, said after the performance that in 40 years of watching debates he cannot remember any participant being so rude and disrespectful.

It seems as if Biden has been watching too many old movie reels of Huey Long or maybe comedian Red Skelton’s character Senator Claghorn.

Ed Cook