Local gasoline prices drop a dime a gallon in past week



Vancouver’s average gas price for a gallon of regular unleaded stands at $3.98 per gallon, down from $4.08 a week ago, AAA Oregon/Idaho reported today. The price in Portland is $3.94 per gallon, down from $4.04 one week ago.

Those double-digit drops in gas prices parallel a national trend of lower prices, with the national average for the week falling 13 cents to $3.65 per gallon, according to AAA’s gas price survey. Oregon’s prices dropped by 11 cents and Washington’s by 12 cents for the week.

AAA expects gas prices across the country will continue to drop in November and further into the year, barring unforeseen events. Wholesale gasoline futures have dropped about 30 cents since the start of October, leading to the current drop in retail prices, AAA said.