Talking Points: Thunder grads meet on NFL field




Sunday might have been the greatest day in the history of Mountain View High School football — and the Thunder weren’t even playing.

Two Mountain View graduates faced off on an NFL field as the Tennessee Titans beat the Buffalo Bills 35-34. Well, “faced off” might be a stretch. Michael Roos is an offensive tackle for the Titans, while Rian Lindell is a kicker for the Bills. They probably weren’t on the field at the same time, but they do have a combined 21 years of NFL experience.

Alas, the excitement of the victory was short-lived for Roos. Monday morning, he had his appendix removed. Roos has started all 119 games since joining the Titans in 2005, and coach Mike Munchak said he might be available for next week’s contest against Indianapolis.

We aren’t aware of any Mountain View graduates on the Colts’ roster. We’ll check into that.


There have been six series thus far in the baseball playoffs, and five of them have gone the distance. OK, so the San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals might have played the least-dramatic seven-game series in history — five of the games were decided by at least five runs — but at least it did go seven games.

Baseball fans will long relish the incredible drama of this year’s divisional playoffs, in which seemingly every remarkable moment was topped by the one that followed. The League Championship Series didn’t quite live up to that level of intrigue… but how could they?

So, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers, and best of luck in the World Series. From a fan’s standpoint, we just hope it’s exciting.

Odd piece of trivia: The Giants and Tigers both are old franchises, dating to at least 1901. They have been successful, combining now for 30 World Series appearances. But they never have faced each other in the postseason. Just thought you might be interested.