Letter: Reject Referendum 74



I saw a yard sign that read, “My church supports marriage equality.” I guess it’s OK if your church supports it, but if not, keep your religion out of it. The arguments in favor of Referendum 74 are specious — “love” has nothing to do with the state marriage code. The state regulates marriage, rightly, and has an interest in doing so. First cousins cannot marry; brothers and sisters cannot marry; children under 17 years of age cannot marry without a judge’s permission. The state prohibits bigamy, polygamy, and polyandry. “Love” does not matter in those situations. Having the right to marry whomever one loves is not the interest of the state.

Ref. 74 is discriminatory on its face since it singles out one group of people and redefines marriage to fit that single group and no other. Ref. 74 should be rejected for the legal farce that it is.

David W. Edwards