Letter: YWCA endorses approval of Ref. 74



YWCA Clark County endorses Referendum 74 and urges you to do the same this November. Referendum 74 recognizes our friends, neighbors and co-workers have equal rights in all aspects of life, including marriage in Washington state.

YWCA’s mission of promoting justice and freedom for all is truly reflected in this referendum. Civil unions for gay and lesbian couples do not provide the same rights as the legal bond of marriage. While some of the legal rights married couples take for granted are incorporated into civil unions, this type of treatment only serves to invite and encourage unequal treatment of same-sex couples and their children.

Recently, two American icons of the space program have passed away. Neal Armstrong’s widow and family will receive full benefits from a grateful nation for his deeds. Sally Ride, another equally important figure in the nation’s astronaut corps passed. Her longtime partner will not receive equal benefits or recognition. It is time to end this type of inequity, and Washington state voters can begin the change. We must vote to ensure same-sex couples receive the same treatment traditional marriage gives. Please stand with YWCA Clark County and vote to approve Referendum 74.

Sherri Bennett