Letter: Put light rail line in a tunnel



I read with interest The Columbian stories regarding the height issue of a new bridge. Seems that people are trying to increase the height and can succeed in doing so, but without the MAX line. I am not against light rail. I often take MAX in Portland and I more than welcome it coming over to Vancouver. I even support paying a toll to cross the bridge. Coming from the San Francisco Bay area, I was accustomed to $5 tolls on the bay bridge. But why can’t people think outside the box?

Paula Hammond, the state transportation secretary, was quoted, “If you don’t have light rail on the bridge, you don’t have a project.” Why can’t MAX be directed through a tunnel beneath the Columbia River, just like California’s Bay Area Rapid Transit? Yes, it would add more expense, but if the height of the bridge is held up by addition of light rail, maybe people need to think outside the box. We need to move forward with a new bridge as soon as possible in order to save lives, and if that means an alternative route for the light rail, then so be it.

— Julia Rosenstein, Vancouver