Letter: Romney endorsement misguided



I don’t understand how an intelligent group of journalists could make the decision to endorse Mitt Romney, as in the Oct. 14 Columbian editorial, “Romney for president.”

You said that President Barack Obama’s policies had failed — without noting that the stimulus package he wanted for investing in our infrastructure and creating jobs has been blocked by the Republican Party and its leaders who said their No. 1 job was to make sure Obama was not re-elected.

You failed to mention that the same Milton Friedman economics model that we call “trickle down” has failed every time it’s been tried since the Ronald Reagan administration where the deficit soared, contributing greatly to our massive debt.

You failed to mention that the deficit has been reduced under President Obama, in essence blaming him for our growing debt.

However, the people in Congress, who fail to even consider the balanced approach of increasing revenue while reducing expenses, aren’t mentioned in the editorial as bearing a large part of that responsibility for that debt and continued economic recession.

We are promised jobs by Mitt Romney, a man who continually re-shapes his comments to win an election, and are expected to believe that the trickle-down effect will reduce our debt, stimulate the economy and produce jobs.

Bunk. You know better.

Jim Crawford