DuBois Park boy creates car/motorcycle/sci-fi pod



DuBois Park — Is it a motorcycle? Is it a car? It’s a bit of both — masquerading as a sci-fi space pod. It’s the C-1, and it’s the creation of Danny Kim, who grew up in Vancouver’s Dubois Park neighborhood and whose company, Lit Motors, is based in New York City. The C-1 is a super-light, two-wheeled electric vehicle that uses gyroscopes to stay upright. It has 2,200 parts, or one-tenth the number in the average car, which should make it easy to mass produce. The initial cost per vehicle is $24,000, but the price should be coming down. Kim — who has attended Reed College, the University of California at Berkeley and the Rhode Island School of Design — and his C-1 were featured in a recent New York Times article, at http://nyti.ms/TL9UyT .