Letter: Movie interpretation was biased



Beth Fouhy’s Associated Press Aug. 29 story, “Many claims in Obama film don’t hold water,” shows her own bias more than anything else, that, and she didn’t really watch the film, “2016: Obama’s America,” at least not with an unbiased eye. Her reporting unfairly represents the film with an obvious liberal bias. Several of the “doesn’t hold water” points are not, in fact, how those items were presented in the movie.

For example, she accuses narrator Dinesh D’Souza of ignoring the debt incurred under President George W. Bush, and yet the film clearly accounted for the debt increases attributable to Bush.

All her other bullet points are equally arguable in their representation of how those items are presented in the film. What clearly is left out are the many other correlations made in the film regarding offshore drilling, Obamacare, etc. This story should have been published on the Opinion page.

John Kimsey