Letter: Media balance quite evident



Regarding Bill Fisher’s Aug. 21 letter, “Media leaning too far left,” is he reading the same Columbian I am? After a previous letter making the same complaint, I paid special attention to the political cartoons. I have noted that they are balanced, if not anti-Obama.

Fisher went on to the typical diatribe about liberal mainstream media. I listen to and watch all the outlets (I’m retired) to try to pick up on this claim. Aside from the talking heads, both liberal and conservative, I find the “mainstream” cover the news and moves on. I guess that’s why Rush Limbaugh calls it the “drive-by media”; they don’t harangue on the same subject for three hours. I realize we all want to hear and see things that support our own beliefs. Hopefully your only source isn’t from Fox or Limbaugh or you’ll start believing information from a totally unbalanced source.

James Dykes