Talking Points: Tiger rakes in winnings




With a third-place finish Monday in the Deutsche Bank Championship, Tiger Woods earned enough money to pass the $100 million mark in career PGA Tour winnings.

Believe it or not, that doesn’t include his endorsement money or his winnings from non-PGA events over the years.

Woods, as you certainly could have guessed, is the first golfer to reach the milestone, with Vijay Singh sitting at No. 2 on the list with $66.8 million. Yet the important thing to remember is that Singh, No. 3 Phil Mickelson, No. 4 Jim Furyk, and everybody else on the list probably should pay a percentage of their winnings to Woods.

Once upon a time, Woods generated so much interest in golf that he single-handedly altered the pay structure for everybody.

He was a one-man example of trickle-down economics.

As a human being, Woods is insufferable

But for 15 years he has been a cash cow for everybody involved with the PGA Tour.


While this season’s collapse of the Philadelphia Phillies and the Boston Red Sox brings joy to baseball fans everywhere — well, except in Philly and Boston — equally important is the success of the Washington Nationals and the Cincinnati Reds.

The Phillies and the Red Sox started the season with the second- and third-highest payrolls in baseball. The Nationals and Reds started the year ranked Nos. 20 and 17 in payroll, and they have the best records in the major leagues.

Once again, we are reminded that shrewd management can overcome a tight wallet in baseball.