Letter: Healthy fare for kids worth drive



Healthy fare for kids worth drive

When I take my kids out for Sunday brunch, and even though we haven’t decided on the restaurant, I can count on them being offered a menu of greasy, fried garbage. As a parent who wants to protect my kids from diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and a long list of other bad-food-related problems, I’ll smile and have them color on the kids’ menu and order from the real menu. If the adult portions are too large, we’ll split something. And they’ve always been allowed to order smaller portions from the senior menu.

Restaurant managers believe kids’ menus cater to the market — what kids want and parents will buy. When gluten-free, vegan, low-fat, fair-trade, decaf, soy, nondairy food is all the rage, it’s safe to include healthy choices for the youngsters alongside the mac and cheese with fries. A half-sandwich and soup, kid-sized penne rigate, and a junior omelet won’t scare off the regulars. I’ll gladly drive a little farther to eat where my whole family has options.

Eric LaBrant