Letter: Wolves incompatible with ranching



An Aug. 26 Columbian story reported, “State faces test of wolf management plan.” Managing wolves? I’ve written letters to Fish and Wildlife filled with experiences of cattle and sheep ranchers with wolves. The fact is that wolves are incompatible with ranching. Either we get rid of wolves or get rid of ranching.

Hunters and fisherman fund our Fish and Wildlife but they seem to ignore the huge negative impact wolves have on wildlife. Cattle and sheep are much easier to kill than wild prey and it doesn’t take long for wolves to figure that out. Wolves add zero to our state. I love the statement from the “activist” in this story who says, “Things are moving really fast and that’s part of the problem,” referring to the planned killing of a pack that started killing cattle in 2007. Ask the rancher who has had cows and calves killed and maimed for five years if he thinks things are “moving too fast.” Bringing wolves back was a huge mistake. Hopefully, our politically sensitive Fish and Wildlife folks will soon agree.

Jack Roscoe

Brush Prairie