Lightning strike damages house near Ridgefield

By Mark Bowder, Columbian Metro Team Editor



A house near Ridgefield was damaged Saturday afternoon when lightning struck a neighboring fir tree, according to Clark County Fire & Rescue.

Electricity from the lightning strike, reported at 3:43 p.m. as a series of thunderstorms swept through the county, obliterated the tree and jumped to the carport of a house at 1712 N.E. 279th St., said Clark County Fire & Rescue Assistant Chief Dan Yager.

“It hit the edge of the carport where the house was touching the tree, ran across the metal gutter to the house, blew off the siding on that side of the house, blew all the windows out of that side of the house, and then it blew electrical boxes off the house,” Yager said.

The strike did not cause the house to catch fire, but Yager said “pretty much wherever there was metal around the house, there are black marks and soot now.”

The yard was also filled with bark and limbs from the tree.

No one was injured.

The house is owned by Edmund and Valerie Atwood, according to county property records.

The isolated pocket of thunderstorms passed through Clark County before moving northeast out of the area.