Letter: Lessons to be learned on forgiving



Two offerings in the Aug. 20 issue of The Columbian were very interesting. One was Leonard Pitts’ column, “Face it, America is under attack by right-wing terrorists,” where he opined on how the plots, conspiracies and racist rampages since the Oklahoma City bombing have been overwhelmingly by white Christian men.

The other was the story “20 years later, there’s forgiveness,” about how a government sniper shot and killed the mother of then 16-year-old Sara Weaver at her family’s cabin on an Idaho mountaintop called Ruby Ridge. Weaver got a $1 million wrongful death award but that didn’t help her with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder and bitterness and anger at the government. In 2003, a childhood friend told her about a positive relationship with Jesus Christ. She began reading the Bible and learned that “Jesus commands us to forgive.”

Pitts hasn’t a clue what a “Christian” is.

Doug Moe