Letter: Ryan’s ‘opinion’ hasn’t shifted



Regarding Leona Shoemaker’s Aug. 30 letter, “Implications attempt to discredit,” on the subject of Dana Milbank’s Aug. 25 column about Paul Ryan’s and Todd Akin’s shared views on abortion and rape, I suggest Shoemaker do a little more investigation into Ryan’s views.

Romney supports exceptions to the abortion ban in cases of rape and incest and for the health of the mother. Now that Ryan is on the ticket, he says he will agree with Romney. However, his real opinion is exactly the same as the Republican platform adopted at the convention, i.e., no exceptions period — not even for rape, incest or the health of the mother. Furthermore, Ryan and Akin co-sponsored legislation that codified distinctions between statutory rape and “legitimate” rape. Since he is now on the ticket he is saying “rape is rape” but his real opinion on this topic matches Akin’s. If he were the nominee instead of Romney, what do you think he would be saying based on his track record to date?

Gayle Meltesen