Letter: Charter schools wrong for our state



The Columbian has editorialized in support of placing an initiative to allow charter schools in Washington state on the Nov. 6 ballot, stating that initiatives force action after the Legislature has refused to act.

Three times wise Washington voters have rejected charter school measures and made their choice clear: “No charter schools in Washington.”

I define charter schools by these points:

• Charter schools are funded by the state but managed by private companies or individuals.

• Public schools outperform charter schools.

• Diane Ravitch, a noted educational historian, has warned that some charter schools have been staffed with uncertified teachers, and operate without financial advisers.

• When money is taken from public schools, they suffer.

• Charter schools use state and federal funds without being subjected to public school accountability.

Sponsors have spent $2 million to put Initiative 1240 on the ballot.

A fully funded education is the right of every child. Please continue with the great Washington tradition of standing strong for public schools by not endorsing charter schools.

Let’s make this the fourth and final time Washington voters reject charter schools.

Gina Lemberg