Letter: We can’t afford Romney-Ryan plan



I am incensed that Republican “leaders” believe everyone comes from the same place they do — greed.

Now Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan think they can appeal to us by insisting “it doesn’t matter what happens to Medicare and Social Security in the future … current beneficiaries, you’ll get yours.” It does matter. People do matter.

We all know these programs need modification. President Obama is beginning by going after fraud, corruption, and loosening the noose that insurance companies have on the people.

Romney’s and Ryan’s plans tighten the noose around the throats of the American people.

Don’t be fooled by Ryan presenting his mother at a rally at an affluent retirement “village” in Florida, speaking to cheers and applause. They, and their children, can “afford” the Romney/Ryan. America cannot.

Neither the Ryan nor the Romney budget brings down the deficit, the plans do destroy Medicare and Social Security next.

The bet is that Democrats will not vote; voter disenfranchisement is being legislated in states with Republican governors. We must vote. If you have never voted before, vote now and convince your family, friends, neighbors to vote.

Vote as if your life, your children’s and your grandchildren’s lives all depend on it — it truly does.

Sue Miller