Letter: Greed drives GOP plan



The Republican National Convention established Mitt Romney as a caring guy. I fear only that he has bought into the Milton Friedman economic model heart and soul. I don’t blame him for believing in it, because he came from a family with money, and it has worked beautifully for him. The model doesn’t work so well for those of us born without the silver spoon.

This is the economic model of the George W. Bush era. It is the one that leaves so many of us at the mercy of the money wants of investors and their stock holders. Consider how 2008 began. The Milton Friedman model is all about the investor and the stock holders. The Milton Friedman/Republican model works so that only the strong survive. Small businesses have little hope. Consider what has happened to the family farm.

Before voting Republican be sure that you are in a strong position, and if you are, please check to see if you are sure that life is really all about you. I fear I sound harsh, but I do believe that greed is the human’s greatest weakness and, thus, that of any society.

Lucinda Sisson