Letter: Vote straight Republican



I find it much to my dismay that we don’t seem have an open discourse on the issues. When I talk to my friends and neighbors I see concern about the economy, contention between our political leaders and, in general, chaos. When I talk to our Democrat leaders, all I get is excuses about “we could not get the votes” or “that issue did not come up,” or “we will have to try harder next time.” When I remind leaders that Democrats had majorities in both houses and the governor’s seat and that they could pass anything they wanted, they blame the Republicans.

On the other hand, when I talk to Republican leaders, I get real answers and solutions, but the Republicans were not in majority so could not pass critical legislation to began to address our vital issues. To me the answer seems clear. The Democrats have created this mess and things keep getting worse. The answer is give both houses of the state Legislature and the governorship to the Republicans in a large majority, like the Democrats have had, and see what they do. Vote straight Republican this year and let’s see if we can get this mess straightened out.

Gary Schaeffer