Fishing Report 9/13



Fall chinook catches are fair to excellent from Tongue Point to Bonneville Dam.

Sunday is the last day for Chinook retention between Tongue Point and Warrior Rock on the Columbia River.

Currently only adipose fin-clipped Chinook are allowed between Tongue Point and Warrior Rock.

Coho catches are excellent at Buoy 10.

Angler checks from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Lower Columbia — Cathlamet, seven bank anglers with one steelhead kept; 98 boaters with 14 adult chinook kept, one jack kept, one adult released; one steelhead released.

• Longview, 149 bank anglers with 13 adult chinook kept, two jacks kept, two steelhead kept; 575 boaters with 111 adult chinook kept, six jacks kept, one adult released, one adult coho kept.

• Cowlitz, 103 boaters with 23 adult chinook kept, two jacks kept.

• Kalama, 316 bank anglers with 40 adult chinook kept, one adult released, one steelhead kept; 479 boaters with 114 adult chinook kept, nine jacks kept, four adults and one jack released, three adult coho released.

• Woodland, 112 bank anglers with nine adult chinook kept, one released; 380 boaters with 107 adult chinook and nine jacks kept, three adults released, one steelhead kept and one released.

• Vancouver, 85 bank anglers with five adult chinook and one jack kept, two steelhead released; 158 boaters with 35 adult chinook and five jacks kept, three adult chinook released.

• Camas-Washougal, 11 bank anglers with three steelhead kept and one released; 75 boaters with 13 adult chinook and four jacks kept, and one adult chinook released, one steelhead released.

• Bonneville, 49 bank anglers with 11 adult chinook and 14 jacks kept, one adult coho kept, two steelhead kept; 27 boaters with nine adult chinook and six jacks kept.