Letter: Both parties fail us



Every election year, I laugh listening to politicians and spin doctors spew their lies and half-truths about their candidate being the better leader for America. In practice, both political parties ultimately reveal the real motive behind their persistent political prattle — money and power.

We Americans always take a back seat to fundraising and campaign finance to those who fill their pork barrel the fullest, and for the interest of those who obligate us to pay for the next round of out-of-control government spending. Each party has a singular patent pursuit; one that raids the rich to benefit the government (while claiming to help the poor) and the other, which massages the tax code to benefit the wealthy (while claiming to downsize government).

On the left hand, Democrats demonstrate the epithet, fiscal idiots; while on the right hand, Republicans bring new meaning to the moniker, fiscal con men. Give the poor man a dollar and he’ll surely spend it; give the rich man a dollar and he’ll surely spirit away the dollar from your other pocket. Both Democrats and Republicans have one hand around your neck and the other in your wallet. Must we resurrect our nation’s Founders?

Bruce R. Randall