Letter: Help feed hungry locally



I read the Sept. 6 Columbian story, “Hunger rose in 2011 as economy struggled, USDA finds more than 50 million people in U.S. didn’t have enough food,” and the fact that a record 14.9 percent of U.S. households are considered “food insecure.” And as the story stated, “more than one in three ‘food insecure’ households — 6.8 million — had ‘very low food security,’ meaning that one or more family members cut back on eating last year because of a lack of either money or other access to food,” and that is an “increase of 400,000 households over 2010.”

How can we help with these striking facts?

The Clark County Food Bank recently opened a new distribution center for the handling and distribution of food to our local food pantries run by churches and organizations around the county. Contact the Food Bank and learn how you can donate food or funds to support the distribution of food boxes to the needy in our county at 360-699-1961. Last year, this organization distributed over 3 million pounds of food to the pantries in our county. The need is even greater now and you can help.

Greg Flakus