Letter: Say ‘no’ to more taxes



The other day I saw another sign pleading for a tax increase to help the parks. How many tax increases have we endured in recent times? Why is government so costly and inefficient?

Taxes for schools, taxes for libraries, taxes for buses, taxes looming for that blasted bridge, and maybe even for the little train that could burden us all for just a few millions more. Haven’t citizens had enough of the pet dreams of elected officials and bureaucratic minions? How much must they endeavor to fleece us before we say enough.

Who is satisfied to be plundered in taxes in order to feed an insatiable nanny-state?

Who, with any self-respect or dignity, is content to trade their income for paltry government handouts, for whatever our ostensible overlords would “allow” us to have from our hard-earned wages?

Or have we reached the point where more are on the dole than pay taxes? On Nov. 6 we will find out, and I hope for our kids’ and grandkids’ sake that American citizens will rise and throw out all the people who do nothing better than spend other people’s money, even to the point of national bankruptcy.

Remember, citizens, they work for us.

Terrence Popravak Jr.