Letter: Vote to sustain parks and programs



I would like to urge the citizens of Vancouver to vote “yes” this fall for the City of Vancouver’s Proposition No. 1 for a Metropolitan Park District to support our local parks and recreational programs.

One of the reasons we have a vibrant and livable Vancouver is because we have access to local neighborhood and community parks, as well as two beautiful community centers. These spaces provide opportunities for recreational activities, places to meet friends for BBQs and miles of trails to explore. Our centers offer a wide range of programming for everyone in the family at reasonable prices.

Our family frequently visits the parks and trails, while enjoying programs such as kid’s summer camps, swimming, and baseball leagues. We’ve made friends through these activities, maintained a healthy lifestyle and enjoyed precious family time. Without this measure, these precious places face such risks as deterioration of our parks and elimination of programs. Please help protect these important places that make Vancouver special.

Jane Tesner Kleiner