Vital statistics





Jennifer L. and Brian E. Forsberg, Washougal, a girl, Parker R., Aug. 23, 8 pounds, 6 ounces.

Tracy D. and Armand P. Stevens, Battle Ground, a girl, Hope E., Sept. 7, 8 pounds, 5 ounces.

Marriage licenses

Applications Filed Sept. 10

Alexander, Andrew Arthur, 25, Vancouver, and Stenberg, Cassandra Lyn, 23, Amboy.

Casey, Ian Thomas, 27, Vancouver, and Dahl, Alissa G., 25, Vancouver.

Comstock, Kelly Axel, 24, Vancouver, and Martin, Katie Irene, 22, Vancouver.

Crabtree, Jerry Lee, 53, Vancouver, and Johnson, Karen Marie, 54, Vancouver.

Gloy, Duane Casey, 50, Canby, Ore., and Krueger, Tracey Helen, 45, Canby, Ore.

Gundersen II, Brian Allen, 28, Vancouver, and Green, Kelli Ann, 24, Vancouver.

Hall, Mark Andrew, 35, Vancouver, and Mirgallou, Yolonda Jasmine, 32, Vancouver.

Kujovich, Kurt, 49, Vancouver, and Teshler, Sabina, 39, Portland.

Lapham, Christopher Craig, 23, Vancouver, and Fisher, Kristina Marie, 22, Vancouver.

Nash, Michael Alonzo, 39, Vancouver, and Schroetke, Kelly Ann, 47, Vancouver.

Parent, David Andrew, 47, Vancouver, and Nichols, Jennifer Sue, 43, Vancouver.

Powers, Casey Lewis, 31, Anchorage, Alaska, and Leichner, Rebecca Marie, 22, Vancouver.

Pratt, David Lloyd, 62, Vancouver, and Debacker, Janine Kay, 56, Portland.

Ross, Kenneth Alan, 44, Tigard, Ore., and Baughman, Sheila Mae, 37, Vancouver.

Schwartz, Mark Richard, 25, Silverdale, and Valdez, Monica Suzanne, 33, Washougal.

Scott, Iain Thomas Fields, 26, Corvallis, Ore., and Dedman, Kristin Elizabeth, 27, Corvallis, Ore.

Unruh, James Donald, 68, Vancouver, and Barter, Linda Ann, 61, La Center.

Applications Filed Sept. 13

Beagle, Clifton Jay, 58, Vancouver, and Hannan, Margaret Elizabeth, 54, Spring Branch, Texas.

Ellenberger, Christopher Justin, 20, Salem, Ore., and Jackson, Natasha Nicole, 20, Salem, Ore.

Go, Rene Franco, 46, Vancouver, and Guanzon, Maria Antonietta Jorge, 50, Vancouver.

Hanson, Randy Alan, 54, Vancouver, and Tierney, Terry Lynn, 56, Vancouver.

Jones, Glen Paul-Eugene, 26, Vancouver, and Pash, Jennifer Marie, 24, Vancouver.

Kostenko, Jonathan Andrew, 41, Portland, and Foley, Colleen Jean, 36, Portland.

Lange, Dean James, 48, Amboy, and Becker, Tina Louise, 43, Amboy.

Lewis Jr., Renselaer B., 87, Vancouver, and Lewis, Joan D., 74, Vancouver.

Massey III, Joseph Lee, 47, Portland, and Moore, Velma Ann, 47, Portland.

McMahon, Michael Byron, 52, Battle Ground, and Brown, Teresa Renee, 46, Vancouver.

Miller, Nathan Lars, 32, Vancouver, and Borowski, Mahlaisha Lynne, 19, Vancouver.

Myers, David Michael, 61, Brush Prairie, and Olayos, Debra Elaine, 57, Brush Prairie.

Newman, Todd Ryan, 32, Jefferson, Ore., and Brothers, Riki Rene, 32, Jefferson, Ore.

Scholes, Tyson Marsh, 30, Des Moines, and Worley, Allison Diane, 30, Portland.

Steffen, Martin Lee, 47, Vancouver, and McCall, Lisa Marie, 44, Vancouver.

Svinsitskiy, Sergey Aleksandrovich, 23, Portland, and Artemova, Katrin Angeline, 18, Spokane.

Weese, Clifton Robert, 21, Vancouver, and Wickersham, Jessica Jean, 21, Vancouver.

Williams, Charles Lloyd, 67, Washougal, and Clingan, Ruth Marie, 66, St. Cloud, Fla.

Williams, Steven Dewayne, 37, Vancouver, and Connel, Jacque Tess, 25, Vancouver.