Letter: Failure is Democrats’ own doing



I never enjoy reading letters like Maynard Mohn’s Sept. 11 “GOP job performance is a disgrace” that distort the facts. In the 2006 election the Democrats were given the majority in the House and Senate by the voters. After that the Democrats voted in their fiscal policies and disregarded the Republican minority.

President Obama took office with a Democratic Congress. The Democrat majority did exactly what they wanted to do while they totally disregarded the Republicans and the voters. They passed the stimulus, health care reform and they created the largest deficit in history.

President Obama saw no end to how much he could spend. Yet during his term he’s only produced one budget. The Democrat-run Senate hasn’t passed a budget in over three years. In 2010 the voters strongly showed their disapproval. They changed the majority in the House of Representatives. It was the one area of Congress where the American people truly had a voice.

The majority of us who voted in 2010 wanted someone to stop the dismal policies being shoved down our throats by the Democrat majority. I know that the facts are sometime hard to face but facts are facts. When we vote let’s use factual information.

Micheline Doan