Letter: Deny Libya aid until action taken



I am outraged over the recent events in Libya and the president’s complete lack of leadership over the issue. His limp-wristed condemnation is not how you deal with this sort of mind set.

We all know nothing will come out of it. Libya will do nothing and Obama is too focused on trying to save his failed presidency its long-overdue conclusion.

I would think all of us would agree on this — make the Libyans’ aid money conditional on producing the perpetrators of this act of war against this country. I would also say they should include any security forces that may have “stepped aside” to let this happen. Once we have them securely locked up in Gitmo … then Libya gets their money. If they refuse then take the millions in aid and split it among the families of the four murdered Americans and not send Libya any more money … period.

Condemning the acts by itself is nothing. The jihadists laugh at us because talk, to them, means Obama is weak. If we take something away along with the said condemnation thus giving it some “teeth,” we will see them take notice and act.

James S. Rose