Letter Democrats consistently disappoint



Surprise! Surprise! For once the Democrats are consistent. At the Democratic Party National Convention, the participants had an opportunity to change their platform from one ignoring God and His hand in this nation to one acknowledging the hand of God. It took three attempts at votes and the manipulation of the convention leaders to reinsert the name of God and Jerusalem into the platform after months of discussion and decision to leave Him out.

This is a genuine surprise because that party has for many years rejected the Word/Law of God in demanding that abortion be legal even though God’s Word clearly requires us to “protect the innocent,” “rescue the perishing.”

Also, Democratic party platform now insists that what God ordained will now be rejected, that is, marriage only between one man and one woman. The platform committee had many months to draw up this platform.

They were consistent when they decided to leave God out. The inconsistency is this: Why do those who profess to be followers of the God of the Bible support the party that rejects Him?

Pauline Warren