Vital Statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Ambrosio, Zacarias Amando and Duran, Emily.

Beller, Autumn Lea and Jeremy Joel.

Bosso, Timothy Lee and Amanda Louise. Woman's name changed to Oppelt.

Coiteux, Natalie K. and Aaron G. Woman's name changed to Tobin.

Donalde, Cecilia F. and Dara L.

Dugger, Sarah L. and Mark K.

Folnsbee, Eric and Kathy.

Fromel, Becky Lynn and Joshua Paul.

Galeana, Michelle Renee and Buez-Piedras, Jose Armando.

Keeth, Cecil D. and Cardiel-Keeth, Rebeca L.

Mercado, Roberto Delgado and Ritchie, Dawn Echo Marie. Woman's name changed to Mick.

Methven, Arial L. and Blow, Adam Michael. Woman's name changed to Alcaraz.

Murphy, Richard B. and Anne L.

Patterson, Robert George and Stephanie Dianne. Woman's name changed to Southwell.

Penrose, Dylan Venn and Lee, Andrea Ai-Ling.

Pesendorfer, Joseph Frank and Marilyn Rose.

Potter, Michelle Christine and Joseph Edward.

Richards, Dan Ervin and Jennifer Lynn.

Robinson, Nicole Marie and Dexter Brent. Woman's name changed to Granger.

Schultz, Arthur Lloyd and Nowaczck, Renee Ann.

Summers, Roger and Heather.

Zundel, John and Essence.


Coberly, Carla P. and Sutcliffe, Mark R.

Criswell, Karyn Christine and Garrett, David.

Gouger, Gary R. and Bonnie.

Fletcher, Christine Marie and John Arthur.

Johnson, Steven Kent and Sharon Suzette.

Johnstone, Robert Edward and Lori Horne.

Leevers, Kimberly Anne and Cunningham, Michael Joseph.

Pederson, Jessica Paige and Kenny Lee.

Qutub, Eileen Joy and Ibrahim M.

Scott, Lisa L. and Curtis E.


Coats, Talitha and Brandon.

Jones, Danielle and Tory.

Marriage licenses


Adams, Ryan Michael, 26, Vancouver, and Brown, Emily Rianne, 25, Vancouver.

Anderson, Darin Edward, 44, Battle Ground, and Hanson, Karen Patricia, 49, Battle Ground.

Bastani, Pouria, 31, Portland, and Kociela, Lindsey Marie, 29, Portland.

Beach, Justin Robert, 30, Lake Oswego, Ore. and Clapper, Susan Marie, 30, Lake Oswego.

Brown, Peter John, 42, Portland, and Gokhale, Kanchan Shriram, 38, Portland.

Chester, Thomas Nicholas, 68, Vancouver, and Whipple, Melissa Ann, 48, Vancouver.

Chun, Steffan Christopher Y., 29, Vancouver, and Huynh, Thuyan, 27, Vancouver.

Clopton, Gregory Lon, 60, Vancouver, and Schaumann, Patricia Bellacera, 57, Vancouver.

Fleming, David Anthony, 28, Vancouver, and Rojas, Rachel Erika, 30, Vancouver.

Hunter, Travis Scott, 23, Vancouver, and York, Cynthia Alexandra, 21, Vancouver.

Hultquist, Jeremy Karl, 36, Vancouver, and Ramic, Muharema, 41, Vancouver.

Jacobsen, Peter Keats, 52, Washougal, and Miklja, Terri Michele, 48, Vancouver.

Kays, Chad Christopher, 40, Vancouver, and Hoffman, Lindsey Deann, 25, Vancouver.

Kempke, John Charles, 33, Vancouver, and Grange, Katey Catherine, 31, Vancouver.

Kurtz, Matthew Thomas, 24, Vancouver, and Dixson, Heidi Kathleen, 24, Coquille, Ore.

McDaniels, Lance Terry, 21, Yacolt, and Halberg, Danielle Janine, 22, Yacolt.

Mathewson, Christopher Leland, 35, Vancouver, and McMenomy, Elizabeth Regina, 38, Vancouver.

Mawhirter, Matthew Joseph, 33, Vancouver, and Grose, Laurel Autumn, 33, Vancouver.

Lopez, Luis Miguel, 23, Vancouver, and Gessele, Ashley Dawn, 22, Vancouver.

Rodriguez, Oscar Camacho, 25, Vancouver, and Camacho, Dianna Lynn Sexton, 41, Vancouver.

Rogers, Dennis Jr., 52, Vancouver, and Kennedy, Leathea, 41, Vancouver.

Rotschy, Karsten Page, 21, Yacolt, and Halberg, Melanie Anne, 21, Battle Ground.

Trevarthen, Gregery Thomas, 32, Vancouver, and Boline, Christy-Jewell, 29, Vancouver.

Court sentencings

The Columbian's policy is to publish all Clark County Superior Court felony sentencings, as provided by the Clark County Clerk's Office. DC signifies that the defendant has entered drug court. Addresses are provided by the courts and may have changed by the time of sentencing. Misdemeanor sentencings, provided by District Court, are published for the following crimes: DUI (driving under the influence), DWS/revoked (driving while license is suspended or revoked), theft-3 (third-degree theft), and assault-4 (fourth-degree assault). If the defendant is sentenced for other misdemeanors at the same time, those offenses are also listed. Money figures represent fines.

Judges John Hagensen, John Nichols, James Swanger, Ed Poyfair, Barbara Johnson, James Rulli, Vernon Schreiber, Robert Lewis, Richard Melnick, Darvin Zimmerman, Diane Woolard, Scott A. Collier, John Wulle, Greg Gonzales, Kelli Osler, Sonya Langsdorf and Dan Stahnke. Judge Protem: Terry Vetter. Court Commissioners: Carin Schienberg, Amy Swingen, Alison Greene, Suzan Clark, Clayton Spencer, Jeff Witteman, Mary Arden, Kristen Parcher and Dayann Liebman.


Bates, Nicholas Lee, 43, 804 W. 25th St., 342 days, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. (Collier, Sept. 14)

Campbell, Carrie Jessica, 35, 10 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Collier, Sept. 14)

Clark, Matthew David, 34, 66104 N.E. 54th St., 42 days, identity theft-2, residential burglary, possession of methamphetamine. (Nichols, Sept. 14)

Collins, Kayse Lee Ann, 30, address not available, 181 days, two counts of possession of methamphetamine. (Collier, Sept. 14)

Costa, Ryan Scott, 40, address not available, 30 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Collier, Sept. 14)

Duran, Nicholas Edward, 23, address not available, 166 days, possession of scheduled 1 or 2 narcotic drug. (Collier, Sept. 14)

Finney, Ryan Patrick, 28, address not available, 20 days, possession of Vicodin, schedule 1 or 2 narcotic drug. (Melnick, Sept. 13)

Jimenez-Vasquez, Miguel Angel, 39, address not available, 30 days, fail to register as sex offender. (Collier, Sept. 14)

Kor, Christina Ann, 29, address not available, 90 days, robbery-2. (Collier, Sept. 14)

Magda, Daniel Nick, 30, 7011 Corregipor Road, 30 days, criminal impersonation in the first degree. (Melnick, Sept. 13)

Meyer, Teresa Louise, 41, not available, 15 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Collier, Sept. 14)

Pasko, Alex Oleg, 19, 14801 N.E. 75th Circle, 37 days, forgery, malicious mischief-3. (Melnick, Sept. 13)

Paulson, Cole Robert, 28, 2314 42nd St., Washougal, 87 months, possession of heroin with intent to deliver. (Melnick, Sept. 13)

Priest, Patrick Wayne, 49, address not available, 48 days, harassment-death threats-domestic violence. (Collier, Sept. 14)

Tran, Loi Thi, 57, 14003 S.E. 20th Way, 10 days, solicitation to commit manufacture of methamphetamine. (Melnick, Sept. 13)

Villagran, David, 27, no address, 181 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Lewis, Sept. 13)

Wilcowski, Austin James, 18, address not available, 3 days, taking motor vehicles without permission-2. (Collier, Sept. 14)

Wildman, Marcuss James, 28, 131 N.E. James St., Camas, 134 days, possession of heroin. (Lewis, Sept. 13)

Zavala-Leon, Hever aka Leon Hever Zavala, 31, address not available, 60 days, alien in possession of a firearm without license. (Collier, Sept. 14)

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