Letter: Film producer’s intent was a danger



As a Muslim, I am disgusted at the violent response to the offensive film that has erupted in many Muslim countries. While for me such hurt is a time for forbearance and forgiveness, for an extremist, it is an opportunity to carry out their political ambitions.

But the producer of this offensive film is not without blame either. He was fully aware of his target, and anticipated the results he provoked. This production was an intended provocation of the extremists. It angered Muslims because they do not depict the Prophet even graphically, let alone in vulgarity.

Even the film actors condemned the production as they too were kept in oblivion.

As a Muslim and as an American, I fully support one’s freedom of speech. But as we are taught since childhood, even through cartoons, that “with great power comes great responsibility,” with great freedoms also comes great responsibility. Just as it is wrong to shout “fire” in a crowded theater, it is wrong to intentionally endanger innocent lives in the guise of free speech.

Tahir Ahmad