Letter: Teach students respect for rules



I don’t understand parents or students who object to school dress codes. There are statistics to back up the fact that students in dress code schools do better academically. And one step further, schools with required uniforms do even better. But that’s not the foundation of my lack of understanding.

What I don’t get is the claim that some constitutional rights are being trampled. Which one? Freedom of expression? Does that mean that young people can say anything they want? I doubt if even the adults who are anti-dress codes would buy into that. These are children. They need guidance in all areas of their lives, including dress and manners and appropriateness. It is up to adults to teach these things.

Since children don’t all have good taste in what they wear or what logo or saying is on their shirt or jacket or what philosophy they espouse or what kind of language or innuendo is pictured on any piece of clothing, it is up to the school administration to make rules in this regard and it is up to the parent to implement them. Schools are given the responsibility to teach children how to follow the rules. Please, parents, teach your children to respect the rules that are made.

Beth Duvall