Letter: Coal has no benefit to county



I’m writing in response to Don Brunell’s Sept. 11 column on the Business page, “Coal foes trying to railroad public,” about proposed coal export terminals in Washington and Oregon. Brunell fails to recognize that there are zero benefits to residents of Clark County who are being asked to pay the price in decreased property values along the rail route, possible health effects from coal dust, delays in emergency services at crossings, taxpayer funding for dredging and crossing improvements, increased noise, and interference with other rail freight traffic.

There are over 50 businesses in Clark County on record in opposition to the proposed coal exports. At a minimum, a cumulative environmental impact study is needed to determine the health and environmental effects of coal export terminals in the Northwest. If Brunell and “Big Coal” are opposed to having all of the facts laid on the table, what is it they are trying to hide?

Marion Ward