Clark County at Work: United Home Technologies

By Mary Ricks, Columbian News Assistant



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Business name: United Home Technologies LLC.

Owner: Edward Cai.

Marketing manager: Bonnie Binder.

Address: 1101 N.E. 144th St., Suite 107.

• Each week, The Columbian offers a brief snapshot of an interesting Clark County business. Send ideas to Mary Ricks:; fax 360-735-4598; phone 360-735-4550.

What the business does: United Home Technologies develops, manufactures and markets houseware products which incorporate patented vacuum-sealing technology. The company describes its products as easy to use, offering the benefits of vacuum sealing without extra equipment.

Building the business: Owner Edward Cai said his company always has several new product ideas in the pipeline at various stages of development, to ensure long-term success. The company also invests in direct-response television ad campaigns and presents its products at trade shows.
Greatest challenge:
Cai said his greatest challenge is finding good demonstration sales representatives to present and sell products at different venues nationwide.

A favorite part of the job: Hearing from customers and learning how they use the products in their own homes is Cai’s favorite part of the job. He is pleased that his products are reusable, which means there is less plastic wrap, bags and containers heading to the landfill.

What’s ahead: United Home Technologies is in the process of launching a new product line, PressDome™ Vacuum Food Sealers, which can vacuum seal directly to plates, platters, bowls, skillets and even countertops and cutting boards you already own. They will be promoting products on television, in print ads nationwide and locally to prepare for holiday sales in retail stores.

What’s your business philosophy:
Cai is passionate about his commitment to excellence.Year established in Clark County: 2002.Employees: 13 local; 30 sales representatives nationwide.

Phone: 360-574-7737.

Fax: 480-287-8566.



Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.