Police remind residents to lock doors, windows in wake of Ellsworth area prowls



Ellsworth Springs — Police are reminding residents to be mindful of open windows and sliding glass doors after two burglaries in Ellsworth Springs area apartments on Sept. 17. In one case, a woman spotted a shadowy figure on her porch around 10 p.m., said Kim Kapp, Vancouver Police spokeswoman. The person didn’t enter the apartment and left after the woman’s dog started barking. Less than 30 minutes later, a man entered a bedroom of another apartment, where a man was playing with his child, Kapp said. The resident didn’t recognize the intruder, who left when he saw the resident in the bedroom. According to police, the man entered the apartment by removing a window screen. Police were unable to find the suspect in the area. Kapp advised people to keep windows and doors locked, especially while asleep. VPD crime analysts are investigating to see if there are any other related cases.